To all #SutaQueens, here’s what you need to breeze through monsoon moods !

Main idea of this article is to highlight our monsoon hue sarees, it’s relatable since ‘tis is the season.  We need not to stick to only blues, we can get red sarees too as red is related to romance and so are rains.

We can talk about Monsoon saree moodboard. This mood board is basically all hues of monsoon and how they reflect our mood. Also, after each para about the mood there will be a link that redirects reader to the particular saree purchase.

1. Bidding Adieu to your Monsoon Monday blues:
Mondays are always associated with blues so we can say that wear the Waves saree to bid adieu to Monday blues.

2. Love At First Sight:
Here we talk all about romance

3.  When it’s all Grey and Gloomy:
The weather being gloomy and you feel lazy, but you know you still have to push yourself to reach work, this saree will perfectly depict your mood. ‘Let your boss know what to expect from you today’.

4. Playfully yours/ Petrichor:
The idea here is to explain that this saree brings out the inner child in you but with some charm. We talk about how there’s grace even under pouring rain; Gene Kelly charming the world off its umbrella and jumping with such poise in the puddles things like that.

5. When there’s a little mizzle drizzle:
A fine, light rain, where you don’t mind getting wet. Alight hearted saree which brings in fun, dance and cheer