Bandh (Blouse)


Rs. 2,464


" Whenever she saw the horizon, intense pain used to seep through her. She did not know how to locate where the pain was in her body; it was as if she was engulfed in it completely. She got so used to watching the horizon with him every evening that she did not realise that one day he might not be there with her. She had taken his promises of ‘forever and ever’ too seriously. But, then as time went by, it was fine. He had taught her how to love and she now loved the horizon. It reminded her of their beautiful story -a story of almost making it to the finish line but then not making it. Slowly the same horizon started making her smile and now she gazed at it with peace inside!”


Description : This cotton blouse is a pretty chaos of colours and will go with multiple styling options. This stylish blouse makes quite a statement with its simplicity.



- Dry clean


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