Bandh red (Blouse)

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"" Elegance was second nature to her and her walk looked more like she was floating in the air. She did not quite understand what the fuss was about standing out and establishing your identity in the world. Doesn’t the sweet fragrance of a jasmine flower travel effortlessly into the air? Doesn’t the magnanimity of the blue sky take your breath away by just being there? What is all the talk about putting in efforts to show who you are? She thought of the immense blessing that every single day is and lived her life in complete gratitude. Because she knew that nothing other than that is ever really required!”


Description : This Ikat cotton blouse in pretty shades of red is a stunner that will rightly put the spotlight on you. Get yours now! This trendy blouse is made from Ikat fabric. Ikat is an art of resist-dyeing where the yarn is coated with resistive materials in specific patterns and then dyed before weaving the fabric. The process of applying dye-resist and dyeing is repeated multiple times to create exquisite patterns. Though the origin of Ikat is not clearly pin-pointed by historians, it is believed that civilisations all over the world have practiced this art or closely related techniques since ancient times. A simple and stylish blouse is what will make all the difference to your look and this Ikat blouse is literally cut out exactly for that. Go minimalistic by pairing this pretty blouse with a plain saree or bring on your strong game by wearing it with a busy drape. Either way, this one will make sure that you look chic and elegant.



- Dry wash


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