Mystique Forest (Blouse)

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" His love for her opened up a land of magic that had him awe-struck. Complex patterns, vacant grounds, nature’s sweetest, hell’s fiercest, there was just about everything in her being and then there was something more. There was something incomprehensible in her world that changed his own world. She was Mystique Forest – wild, free, magical, unapologetic and pristine. And, he fell for her like the rain that couldn’t stop itself if it wanted to!”


Description: Like a truly mystical forest, this Tussar blouse looks like you have seen it somewhere in your dreams and yet has an inexplicable uniqueness about it! The Tussar silk is a very special and unique variety of silk that is made from the cocoon of a species of silk worm called the Antheraea Paphia and its related species. This species of the silk worm is commonly known to belong to the Emperor Moth group. This moth can be identified by the characteristic circular markings on its body that look almost like a mirror. The cocoon of this moth produces some of the finest silk in the world. Interestingly, the rich texture and classic gold colour of Tussar silk is attributed to the diet of these moths. Unlike the regular silk worms that feed on mulberry, these type of silk worms are found in the forests and they feed on the leaves of the specific trees on which they breed. This gives the silk a certain ‘wild’ reputation. The cocoons of these silk worms are boiled and then the delicate fibres of silk are extracted. The Tussar silk fibres are rich in texture but shorter than the regular silk fibres. A mix of Tussar silk and cotton results in the best of both worlds by blending the richness of Tussar silk and the elegance of cotton. This weaving process is done by using Tussar silk as the warp and cotton as the weft in the loom. This ethereal combination produces a muted grandeur that is striking and very easy on the skin. So, this fabric ticks all the right boxes and is a must-have in the wardrobe of every saree lover.



- Dry wash


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