Pyramids of life (Blouse)


Rs. 2,800


" She gave no thoughts about naysayers. She considered glass ceilings as nothing but fiction. For her, power was the air she breathed. Her glow came not from any temporary feeling but from her undying confidence in herself. She had her eyes firmly set and what she desired was not money, not success. What she desired was to make the biggest difference – a positive difference through which she could touch lives like never before. She had built a pyramid of dreams, and as she conquered it one step at a time, she conquered her own pyramid of life as well!!”


Description : This gorgeously simple blouse with pops of brightness at the neck is one that will go well with many beautiful sarees. Art does not have to be something that we admire from a distance. Especially in our culturally rich country, art has a place in most of the things that surround us and the clothes that we wear are the perfect platforms to showcase our very own identity through art. Indian art forms certainly have enough art forms that you can choose from to tell the world who you are. Among the best of such art forms is the art of embroidery. The art primarily involves making patterns on fabric by sewing using a needle and various types of threads or beads. Although embroidery has been a part of various cultures across the world, Indian embroidery has always been regarded to be very intricate and exquisite. Our country’s history has shaped the development of embroidery. The art of embroidery is so evolved in our country that almost every state has its own special kind of embroidery today. Although the British rule did cause a setback to handicrafts in India, the resurrection of embroidery after Independence has been remarkable. Intricate embroidery from India is valued world over. Embroidery work on sarees and blouses is very popular and involves a process that consists of various stages. First, various types of popular Indian motifs and artistic designs are first created on paper. These designs are then traced onto the fabric and then the embroidery is done by expert artisans. The art of embroidery is passed down from generation to generation and the nuances of hand embroidery can hardly be matched by machines. Creating art on the canvas of fabrics is definitely something that has an innate beauty that adds a lot of value to apparel



- Dry clean


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