Two triangles (Blouse)


Rs. 2,800

Triangles are probably talked about more in relationships than in any other part of our lives. Two elements in a relationship tend to be stable most of the times and the addition of the third element brings in an imbalance that suddenly makes the whole situation topsy-turvy. What is funny is that when this happens to other people or on-screen, we are ready to grab our popcorn and get entertained. But, when it is our own lives, we are devastated. Maybe we should try to have fun despite being devastated. After all, something that is never yours is always going to go away sooner or later so we might as well maintain our sanity, right? What say?

This ultra-sexy handloom cotton blouse in dark bluish green is sure to make you fall in love with it!

Type:  Padded

Fabric: Cotton

Sleeves: Sleeveless

Neckline : Boat Neck

Wash care: Dry wash

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