Ash eri (Blouse)


Rs. 2,800

NOTE: It will take 10 days to get the product delivered from the date of placing the order

Her silken voice was beyond beautiful.

It was what kept him going through times of utter darkness. It was what pushed him to take another step when he was just too tired for it.

That silk was the beautiful thread on which his life hung around when they were away from each other. And, the same thread that bound them together for a lifetime!

This amazing grey blouse in Eri silk is perfection!


Type: Padded

Fabric: Eri Silk

Wash care: Dry wash

Sleeves: Sleeveless

Neckline : V Neck

Eri silk is a beautiful silk variety that comes from a certain type of caterpillar found in the north eastern parts of India that feeds on castor plants predominantly. It is also popularly known as Ahimsa silk when it made through a process that does not kill silk worms. The texture of this material is luxuriously soft but it also has a very attractive shine to it. The art of making Eri silk is practiced by tribal communities who carry the authenticity of the craft forward.

Today, Eri silk is popular world over and India is one of the top producers of this material. While it was originally used to make shawls and jackets, fine Eri yarns that are available today allow weavers to weave magic in the form of sarees, dress materials, blouse materials, etc.


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