Forest Mirror

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" There were rough edges for sure, but they dint seem real. She looked like a picture of tranquillity and yet had beautifully wild chaos within her. It never bothered her though; she just let the chaos be. She took it all in and somehow it only ended up adding to her charm. The secret to her happiness was not that she had a perfect like; it was merely the fact that she was clear. She was clear, undisturbed, pure and pristine. She was a forest mirror!”


Description : This exquisite Jamdani saree in a gorgeous shade of teal is truly a dream come true. Feel the magic to believe it! The Jamdani is a testimony to the beautiful union of Mughal and ancient Indian cultures. Though the exquisite weave has been quite popular even before the Mughals, it is under them that Jamdani flourished and rose to become a weave that the world took notice of. The name Jamdani comes from the Persian language, the official language of the Mughals. Jam means flower and Dani means vase, symbolising the floral motifs that were popularly used in the weave. What it was called before this and its exact origins remain a mystery to date. However, the weave is said to have originated in Dhaka in present day Bangladesh. This art has earned recognition from the UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The Jamdani is one of the finest cotton muslin fabrics that you can find. It is woven by hand using a supplementary weft technique where the motifs are woven on the loom itself. Unbleached cotton yarn is used for the base while bleached yarn is used for the design to create an effect of depth. The designs are drawn on graph papers and placed below the saree to weave the exact pattern. Threads of gold, silver and other colours are passed through the weft while weaving, making the motifs appear like they are floating on the extremely delicate and thin sheer-like base of the saree. Jamdani sarees are painstakingly woven by master weavers and their mastery is reflected in the surreal gorgeousness of each saree!.

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