Rs. 3,200


She sat sipping on her hot chocolate, almost immersing her face completely into the oversized mug. The warmth of the beverage travelled through her fingers and spread into her heart as she snuggled up to the view. As she looked at the gushing river far below that neatly snaked its way around mountains like an exquisite pearl necklace, she couldn’t help but wonder how just some distance could make a deadly ferocious river look as delicate as that! This cotton saree in grey with touches of pink and yellow exudes a certain serenity that engulfs you when you drape it!




"The handloom cotton is a type of fabric that is woven using hand operated looms. Two sets of interlacing yarns, the warp (length) and weft (width), are woven on a mechanised loom operated by weavers. These looms do not use electricity. Human handling lends the fabrics a unique feel and renders the fabrics more value. The resultant fabric is softer, more durable and much more comfortable than machine-made fabrics. Handloom cotton is more breathable and thus feels lighter in summers and provides more insulation in winters. The dyeing process also becomes easier for handloom cotton as the colour penetration is substantially more. Hues are absorbed better thus look resplendent on handloom cotton.

The art of hand weaving is labour intensive and takes a longer time. But, the beauty it adds to the fabric is priceless. Choosing handloom cotton supports the rich weaving heritage of India and lets the weavers carry on the precious art-form to the future generations as well"

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