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" She was the light and the creator of light as well. She gave birth to the first birth. Her being was all that ever was and she knew that which never was. With galaxies floating around in gorgeous dark matter, she watched it all with a kind of love that only a mother could feel. Her own light, her own darkness, her own restlessness was all there in her creation. How could it not have been passed down? But, what made it all worth it was the love that got passed down too. Her explosive love now exploded in parts, in one life-cell at a time!" ___________________________________________________


This one-of-a-kind batik gorgeousness is as powerful as it is delicate. Drape yourself in this piece of pure art!

Batik is a unique dyeing technique that is renowned for the complicated patterns that it produces on different types of fabrics such as cotton and silk. The dyeing process is based on a wax-resist technique where wax is applied on the fabric using pen-like tools. The fabric is dyed in colour after the application of wax in certain patterns and then the wax is scraped off to reveal unique designs. This can be done multiple times to create very intricate and complicated patterns of colour on the fabric. The application of wax is done using a canting, which is a drawing tool, or a regular printing block. Printing blocks yield simpler patterns of design when compared to the canting.

Dyeing techniques that are very similar to batik date back to ancient Egyptian, Chinese, Indian and Japanese civilizations. However, the present day practice of batik dyeing developed in Indonesia. The island of Java is a hub for this art form that is believed to have had has its roots in their ancient tradition. The Indonesian batik was recognised as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Today, this art has been adopted by many countries across the world to produce designs and motifs that are locally relevant.





- Gentle hand wash in cold water
- Do not bleach
- Use mild detergents
- Line dry on reverse side in shade
- Do not scrub and wring
- Do not tumble dry
- Iron on reverse side

Size : 43 inches in width

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