Lemon rose butterfly (Blouse)


Rs. 2,800

The force of the monsoon was expected to come into effect soon. All the people took sides according to how much they liked rain. The children and the farmers formed an oddly interesting group to cheer for the rains. The gorgeous Butterfly Iris joined this group too as it got ready to drench itself in the first drizzle and look even more prettier, if that was even possible. Decorating the mansion, the flower knew little about how it added beauty to the otherwise lifeless concrete. But, this unassuming beauty was perhaps what made it irresistible to the eye.

This blue and red muslin cotton blouse will awaken the diva inside you and make you feel like you can take on the world!


Type: Padded

Fabric: Cotton

Saree: amrisha, the model is wearing a saree called Strawberry muffin


Sleeves: Bell Sleeves 

Neckline : V-Neck

Wash care: Dry wash

Disclaimer: Slight colour variations are due to photography location and light conditions

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