A rose bush

Rs. 3,623


"Not once had the family even looked at the plants but their garden was voted best in the city by a plush magazine. All plants grew in loving care of the poverty stricken gardener, except for the newly purchased rose bush. The ‘lucky’ plant that was supposed to bring in more money withered away every day. Take it away, the family screamed and that is how it landed up in the gardener’s house. With almost no water to even sustain, the gardener still does not know how the plant blooms everyday with all its might. Neither does he know how he suddenly received ancestral wealth out of the blue!"


Elegance and a rebellious nature are not mutually exclusive. With shades of ethereal green and pink along with a bold zari pattern, this beautiful handloom cotton saree is a must-have. The handloom cotton is a type of fabric that is woven using hand operated looms. Two sets of interlacing yarns, the warp (length) and weft (width), are woven on a mechanised loom operated by weavers. These looms do not use electricity. Human handling lends the fabrics a unique feel and renders the fabrics more value. The resultant fabric is softer, more durable and much more comfortable than machine-made fabrics. Handlooom cotton is more breathable and thus feels lighter in summers and provides more insulation in winters. The dyeing process also becomes easier for handloom cotton as the colour penetration is substantially more. Hues are absorbed better thus look resplendent on handloom cotton. The art of hand weaving is labour intensive and takes a longer time. But, the beauty it adds to the fabric is priceless. Choosing handloom cotton supports the rich weaving heritage of India and lets the weavers carry on the precious art-form to the future generations as well.

Blouse Piece:

No, we can suggest you one on request


Hand wash separately in cold water, with love

Size : 47 inches in width

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