Atrangi Bandhan (Set of 5)


Rs. 1,090

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Country of Origin: India

A special bond, one that doesn’t ask for too much, one that doesn’t budge no matter what, one that is just there without any of the fuss, is that of a sibling – whether by blood or otherwise.

Celebrate your special bond of brotherhood/sisterhood with this perfect set of 5 Rakhis made just for you and your gang!

This set includes 5  

1. Muh Bola Bhai

2. Meri Aankhon ka Sitaara

3. Mere Bhaiya, Mere Rakshak

4. Jaadu Ki Jhappi 

5. Super-Bro

Please note : 1.Rakhis are non returnable and non exchangeable
2. Exceptions to be considered case to case.

The Rakhis are made of cotton thread with embellishments and details added beautifully to them, with an abundance of love!

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