Ballerina (Blouse)


Rs. 2,800


Music that only she could hear. Steps that only her inner eye could see. Rhythms that only her mind deemed clear. In her own little world, her dance was ecstasy. This exquisitely crafted Gota patti blouse in pink and gold is one that can make you radiate the kind of charm that can take on the world!


Gota patti is a craft that originated in Rajasthan. It can be broadly classified as a type of embroidery although it actually involves a lot more than just stitching a particular pattern on fabric. Gota patti involves first tracing the required design onto the fabric using a stencil and chalk powder. Once the design is finalised, the ‘Gota’ (coloured ribbons that are mostly in gold or silver shades) are cut into basic shapes and folded into the required pattern. This is then stitched on the fabric as per the design. ‘Patti’ means leaves and this describes how the Gota looks like after it is cut and folded.
Elaborate motifs are stitched on the fabric using this technique.
In earlier times, Gota patti was done using flattened gold metal strips or silver wires. This made the craft an exclusive one for the royals. The kind of clothes that were created using real gold and silver Gota patti has to be witnessed to be believed. True grandeur and celebration was defined by these clothes that were worn mainly during weddings and special occasions. Today, the craft rarely involves real gold or silver. Yet, the beauty of the craft comes forth in the kind of exquisite designs that the craftsmen come up with. This goes on to show that it is not the value of the materials used but the talent of the craftsmen that determines the worth of a craft.

Wash Care: Dry Wash

Blouse Type: Padded

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