Camouflage (Blouse)


Rs. 2,464

"Her eyes spoke what her lips concealed and her hands moved on the canvas like they were controlled by something that was above all human perception. For her thoughts had a mind of their own and were determined to reach out to the world. A woman of few words she sure was, but that was because she couldn’t word the raging fire burning within her. All she needed was a camouflage. A camouflage that let the fire blend in with the rest of the world in the guise of art."


Own this wonderfully understated blouse that speaks volumes through its sheer simplicity and adds the perfect edge to your sarees.

This beauty of a rayon cotton blouse has charming full sleeves that strum all the right chords of nostalgia and old-world magic. With no lining on the sleeves, it keeps your arms covered and yet helps to beat the heat with its lightness. The fabric is delicate and it feels like your second skin. The cut of this padded blouse is simple yet stylish.

This is a padded blouse

Wash care: Hand wash woth love

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