Colour Meet : Red , Black , Gold ( Saree ) + Cage Full Of Colourful Ones (Jacket)


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What happens when passion gets ignited by the hand of an all-consuming power? That masterpiece on canvas, that passion project, that life-changing music, that heavenly pastry comes to life. And, you feel alive like you have never felt before. Your cheeks flushed with the red of heat, your mind taken over by the nothingness of black and your spirit burning bright in gold is a great combination on you, beautiful! It really is!

This beautiful cotton and polyester saree in red, black and gold is a stunner!


Length: 6.5 meters ; Width: 47 inches

Blouse piece: Yes, the saree comes with a running blouse piece as shown in the 5th image

Wash care: 

1. Hand wash separately in cold water and salt 
2. Don't soak it in water for more than 5 minutes 
3. Medium iron

Blouse: Su, the model is wearing a blouse called Basic Peela

Fabric: Cotton Polyester

Disclaimer: Slight colour variations are due to photography location and light conditions


Cotton fabric dates back to some of the most ancient civilisations and it has a strong presence in the modern wardrobe as well. The softness and lightness of cotton combined with its strength and versatility makes it one of the most popular choices, especially for the Indian climate.

Polyester is a synthetically manufactured fabric that is woven along with natural fibres for durability and a characteristic smoothness. The combination of cotton and polyester results in a fabric that has the strengths of both types of fibres


She saw the ones outside cribbing about the relentless heat. The quieter ones cribbed about the noisier ones and the noisier ones made even more noise cribbing about the quiet ones.  In contrast, the ugly cage seemed to house some of the chirpiest, happiest birds there. So, she wondered.... just like she wondered about everything in life. What kind of freedom is real? Is it freedom within you or the external kind? ..........Are there two kinds of cages? Visible and invisible?

This classy cotton jacket in off-white is a must-have in your wardrobe!


Fabric: 50% Cotton, 10% Polyester and 40% Acrylic

Sleeves length: 22cm

Jacket length: For S/M 21.5 cm

                           For L/XL 22.5 cm

Wash care: Dry wash

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