Dreams of dusk (Blouse-FREE SIZE)


Rs. 1,050

In the quiet hours of the dusk, there is a lullaby that I hear. A lullaby from my heart to my mind. It makes me shut out the noises, it makes me see the stars in all their glory. The lullaby rocks me back and forth as it takes me deeper into myself. Perhaps the dreams always exist, but it is with this lullaby that I really get to feel my dreams, my dreams of the dusk.

This black crochet blouse is a head-turner!

Type: Non-Padded

Fabric: Crochet

Saree: Su, the model is wearing a saree called Baatbi-


Wash Care: Dry Wash

Sleeves : Sleeveless

Neckline : Halter Strap 


Disclaimer: The pictures are clicked in daylight. Color may vary slightly from the image due to the screen brightness

Crochet is the process of making fabric with different types of yarns by knitting the yarn into interlocking loops using a crochet hook. The different patterns of knots and styles of crocheting result in absolutely beautiful fabric that instantly appeals to the eye. Crochet is often seen as therapy because of the relaxation it provides for the makers of the fabric. It is something that anyone can learn and practice without any restrictions and that is the beauty of crochet. It is a creative expression that flows freely across all kinds of people. The art of crocheting does not have very clear beginnings in history and it is believed to have evolved from various similar processes. Today, it is widely appreciated and loved by all for its fuzzy texture and intricate designs.

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