Ersheen (Blouse)

Rs. 2,900

What good is a poem about sunshine if it does not talk about the rain? For isn’t it the point of the opposing force to give meaning to the force that it opposes? Such is the beauty of the world around us that no matter how vast it may seem, it begins and ends right in our two small eyes. Close those eyes and there is another world within that opens up another realm of beauty in the opposite direction. But, even in the most pronounced opposites, there lies something common. That common particle of god. That Ersheen!

Fabric: Raw silk 

Type: Padded

Saree: The model is wearing a saree called streamlined-

Shoulder: 4

Shoulder full length: 12.5

Neckline: High neck

Blouse length: 12.3

Front zip: Yes

Wash care: Dry wash 

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