Fierce yet meek (Blouse)


Rs. 3,200
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It was a sunset and yet was a sunrise.

The moment was a beginning and yet was the end.

There was a smile and yet there were tears.

She was fierce and yet she was meek.

The arrival of her son was truly a coming together of beautiful contradictions!

This black and beige cotton embroidered blouse has an elegant air to it that will never go out of style!

Type: Padded

Fabric: Cotton

Saree: Su, the model is wearing a saree called rustic-

Disclaimer: Slight colour variations are due to photography location and light conditions

Cotton fabric dates back to some of the most ancient civilisations and it has a strong presence in the modern wardrobe as well. The softness and lightness of cotton combined with its strength and versatility makes it one of the most popular choices, especially for the Indian climate. We took this simple, elegant fabric and added the Suta twist and voila! It is the best-friend your skin and body could ask for! 

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