Grey and red spark (Blouse)


Rs. 2,016


Serious, classy and stunning grey on one side.
Passionate, sprightly and bold red on another side.
The brocade work and the delicate designs add a charm so vibrant!

This reversible grey and red halter-neck padded blouse is a must-have in your wardrobe. Don’t forget to pair it up with our made-in-heaven mul sarees for best effect!


The word brocade immediately conjures up festivities in our mind. The decorative fabric is distinctively known for its embossed design that is woven with a supplementary weft technique that highlights the design on the fabric. It often looks like a work of embroidery but one that is woven into the base fabric and not stitched on the fabric. This is in fact the allure of the fabric. The designs are mostly created with silk threads in gold or silver although other colours can be used too. The richness that brocade exudes is something magical. It is no wonder that this type of work was a favourite among emperors and queens!
The whole process takes place on a handloom that holds the warp and weft threads for weaving. An external weft thread is then used to create brocade designs. The extra weft is non-structural and can be used to produce either continuous designs or isolated patches of design. The origin of brocade work is said to have been in China, where silk production was popular. Today, Indian apparel has a generous dose of brocade work with expert craftsmen designing and weaving intricate designs.

Wash  Care: Dry Wash

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