Haldi and milk


Rs. 1,890

"First graduate, first postgraduate, first doctor - she wore many badges of firsts in her illiterate family. She was offered millions in the city but she chose her people over money and the village rejoiced watching the construction of their first very own multi-speciality hospital. She had just one problem though; her dust allergy gave her a coughing fit every time she went to overlook the construction. But, she din't have to worry. For there was actually a secret senior doctor in the family who had a proven cure - Nani's Haldi in warm milk!

This unique combination makes you feel like you are draped in the warmth of a delicious cup of Haldi and milk."


Blouse Piece:

No, we can suggest you one on request


Hand wash separately in cold water, with love

Size : 47 inches in width

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