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Length:  5.5 meters ; Width: 47 inches

Blouse Piece: No

Wash Care: 

1. Hand wash separately in cold water and salt 
2. Don't soak it in water for more than 5 minutes 
3. Medium iron

Blouse:  Su, the model is wearing size S of blouse called Venus


Fabric: Handloom Mul Cotton

Underskirt: You can pair it with a White underskirt


Disclaimer: The pictures are clicked in daylight. Color may vary slightly from the image due to the screen brightness.

She never stood out and did not see the point of it either. What was so special about her that she should even try? She was beautiful just like everyone else around her; she was as amazing as the next person. She merged into the world like a drop of water in the ocean and yet managed to give off a vibrancy that couldn’t be ignored. She was like the jasmine that emanated fragrance - it did not try to strand out but still called out to you!

This off-white and gold made-in-heaven mul saree looks like it is from another world altogether! 

Handloom cotton is a type of fabric that is woven using hand operated looms. Two sets of interlacing yarns, the warp (length) and weft (width), are woven on a mechanised loom operated by weavers. These looms do not use electricity. Human handling lends the fabrics a unique feel and renders the fabrics more value. The resultant fabric is softer, more durable and much more comfortable than machine-made fabrics. Handloom cotton is more breathable and thus feels lighter in summers and provides more insulation in winters. The dyeing process also becomes easier for handloom cotton as the colour penetration is substantially more. Hues are absorbed better thus look resplendent on handloom cotton.

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