Kahani : Black

Rs. 9,500


" All those magical moments, neatly arranged one next to another. Even though a little bit of every moment seeped into the next and all the consequent once, our story got written anyway. Sketched on the canvas of our memory, our story is a work in progress. A continuation of some previous memory, I’m sure this one pretended to start afresh in this lifetime. But, we can’t complain since it is all that love all over again!”


Description : This utterly alluring black Kutch Bhujodi saree is as dreamy as it can get. Get engulfed in the rustic charms of this one! The Kutch Bhujodi saree is a piece of art that is a must-have for every saree lover. The weavers of Bhujodi are one of the most ancient weaving communities in India and they are known to weave woollen and cotton fabrics with intricate designs and motifs. They have a signature weaving style that includes an extra weft. The community of weavers work together and take care of everything from preparation of the threads and dyeing to the weaving. Families work together as a unit and pass on the priceless knowledge and skills to the next generation of weavers. As it involves a lot of manual labour, it may take several weeks and even months to create a single saree. The distinct weaves and the unbelievably skilful craftsmanship give a unique distinction to a Bhujodi saree and the entire pain-staking process culminates in the creation of breathtaking, pure beauty!.

Blouse Piece:


- Gentle hand wash in cold water separately or dry wash
- Do not bleach
- Use mild detergents
- Line dry on reverse side in shade
- Do not scrub and wring
- Do not tumble dry
- Iron on any side

Size : 47 inches in width

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