Lady bug on lily


Rs. 6,300

Her temper looked adorable when he gazed at her with love and a slight tilt to his head. Her uncontrollable sobs could make you go awww when you looked at his tight embrace. On the other hand, his drinking problem could seem romantic when you saw her hold his hands firmly as he shivered. His anxiety attacks could give you relationship goals when you looked at her stroking his hair with his head on her lap. All those things that could have been weaknesses when they were alone became their strength when together. Like a tiny ladybug on a pristine white lily, they bought out the best of their own colours with the help of the other!

The absolute comfort of line is fused with the classic colours of red, black and white in this saree. Each colour truly exudes beauty while highlighting the other colours as well.

 Length:  6.5 meters ; Width: 47 inches

Blouse Piece: Yes

Wash Care: Dry Wash

Blouse:  Ta, the model is wearing a blouse called for all that wedding


Fabric: Linen

Disclaimer: Slight colour variations are due to photography location and light conditions


Linen is one of the oldest and most widely used fabrics thanks to its versatility. Particularly in countries that experience hot summers for a large part of the year, Linen exists more as a soft summer breeze that just happens to cover up their body as clothing! It feels oh-so-comfortable to the skin while appearing crisp and sturdy even in humid conditions. However, it is not a bed of roses to make a Linen saree. The stunning Linen saree come from pretty hardcore and labour-intensive procedures. Flax is grown (it takes around 100 days to cultivate) and its fibre is separated before it is woven into fabric. Each of these processes involves manual labour and extensive physical work. The separation of flax fibres involves a process called retting and the weaving is done with specific counts as per requirements. The earliest Linen in Egypt is said to have had a thread count of 450 to an inch, which is finer than anything woven today! In a world of factory produced fully machine made fabrics, the Linen stands stubbornly demanding the involvement of workers. So, the Linen that reaches you is a story of these heroes who pack in that extra little bit of love along with their amazing work.



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