Lemon rose butterfly (Blouse)


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The force of the monsoon was expected to come into effect soon. All the people took sides according to how much they liked rain. The children and the farmers formed an oddly interesting group to cheer for the rains. The gorgeous Butterfly Iris joined this group too as it got ready to drench itself in the first drizzle and look even more prettier, if that was even possible. Decorating the mansion, the flower knew little about how it added beauty to the otherwise lifeless concrete. But, this unassuming beauty was perhaps what made it irresistible to the eye.

This blue and red muslin cotton blouse will awaken the diva inside you and make you feel like you can take on the world!

Type: Padded

Fabric: Rayon, Cotton Satin

Saree: The model is wearing a saree called Strawberry muffin-


Sleeve : Bell Sleeves 

Neckline : V-Neck

Wash Care:

1. Hand wash separately in cold water and salt 
2. Don't soak it in water for more than 5 minutes 
3. Flat dry it 
4. Low iron only if needed

Disclaimer: The pictures are clicked in daylight. Color may vary slightly from the image due to the screen brightness

Rayon is fabricated by blending cotton and other cellulose fibres that are obtained from natural or synthetic sources. Although it is not a naturally occurring fibre, this man-made fabric is one that is breathable and has cooling properties. It is light yet has an intrinsic shine that elevates colours and designs on the fabric further. Rayon cotton is comfortable, convenient and versatile

Cotton fabric dates back to some of the most ancient civilisations and it has a strong presence in the modern wardrobe as well. The softness and lightness of cotton combined with its strength and versatility makes it one of the most popular choices, especially for the Indian climate.

At Suta we have combined cotton and satin to create a very special kind of fabric that is utterly soft as well as luxurious. Satin is a fabric that is known for its amazing feel. It is woven using a special method where four or more weft yarns are woven over a single warp yarn and this gives the characteristic sheen to satin fabric. The combination of these fibres results in a fabric that has the strengths of both types of fibres.

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