Madame Alfred Carriere


Rs. 14,500

Elegance personified, she sat on top her thin green stem like it was a throne of gold. After all, does shape and size of the throne matter when she knew she was the queen? Such was her innate dignity. She watched the sun go down and the moon rise up. She watched the world go around. She looked like the one that ruled the entire world but had masqueraded as a mere spectator just to enjoy the beauty a little more!

There are some things in the world that depreciate in value with the passing of time. However, there are other things that become more and more valuable with time. Old is truly considered gold in such cases. A fine example for this is the Banarasi saree. The Banarasi saree is a product of one of the oldest surviving saree weaving techniques in our country and has survived centuries of cultural change and transformations. These sarees are unique as they use real gold and silver zari threads for weaving. These threads are flattened strips of gold or silver alloys that are then woven to form beautiful patterns and motifs on the saree. The rest of the saree consists of pure silk threads woven using traditional handloom methods.
The weavers of Benaras pass on this timeless craft to the next generation as a way of life itself. Right from tracing patterns to be woven on the saree, sourcing the threads, dying the threads and then weaving, the entire process takes anywhere between 15 days to 6 months depending upon the complexity of the designs. But, the end result is a unique, Banarasi silk saree that is irreplaceable in a woman’s wardrobe!

Wash Care: Dry Wash

Blouse Piece: Yes

Size: 47 inches in width

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