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Man gulab sa (Gajra)

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Product Type: Gajra

Fabric: Cotton

Total String Length:  0.76 m (76.20 cm)

Flower Size:  0.05 m (5.08 cm)

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What You will Recieve: 1 Gajra

It wasn’t on the day they got married that they fell in love, or anytime preceding that. It was on the day he hand-made a gajra for her and she lovingly adorned the shabbily made ornament around her neatly tied golden brown bun.
It was an early winter morning — with a shawl wrapped around her shoulders and a plain cotton saree underneath, she walked alongside him in the park as the fog began to slowly clear out. He spoke very little — not much unless he needed to; she, on the other hand, was a fountain of high-spirited energy who tamed her natural instincts and acted more mature around him during the initial days of their marriage. Only a few glances and even fewer words were exchanged as the two of them quietly paced the park by the lake — hands not held but steps perfectly synced! While she admired the mystical beauty of nature surrounding her, he disappeared and came back with a handful of freshly-blossomed flowers a minute later. The infamously unromantic man she tied the knot to had not only surprised her but had managed to surpass every casually mocking judgment of never ever gifting a flower to the lady of his life! As he held out his hands she laughed out loud — this time without an ounce of hesitation — unaware of being watched by many pedestrians. They weren’t red roses but her beating heart saw the red in those white beauties. She had not only found love but also the freedom to return to her unbound true self — both in the same moment. The story of an imperfect ‘gajra’ marked the beginning of their perfect love story!

This beautifully handcrafted gajra in cotton fabric reminds us of the sweet love story we've all experienced at one point in our lives or are waiting to!

Cotton fabric dates back to some of the most ancient civilisations and it has a strong presence in the modern wardrobe as well. The softness and lightness of cotton combined with its strength and versatility makes it one of the most popular choices, especially for the Indian climate. We took this simple, elegant fabric and added the Suta twist and voila! It is the best-friend your skin and body could ask for! 

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