Mustard tracks


Rs. 2,000


" Her grandma got her interested in cooking much before she learnt how to walk. Right in her loving lap, she practised how to whisk curd even before she could speak her first words. She got taste lessons instead of video games and she got her favourite treats when she guessed the taste right. It was no wonder that when it was time for her to choose her college she decided to take a break year instead and go on a spice trail with grandma. As they came back home with their hearts as full as their bellies, the mustard tracks were proof of their bliss!”


Description: This mustard coloured yummy Taant saree is something that will wrap you in comfort and elegance. Do not miss it! The Taant saree is a classic that symbolises true simplicity and gives off a dainty vibe. It is a cotton weave that is a result of some skilfully deft hands working using an age-old method of weaving that involves two shuttles. This type of weaving dates back to the Mughal era and was quite popular until the British started to curtail the production under their rule in order to promote their own textiles. Once the country became free, the traditional weavers of Taant sarees migrated to West Bengal and have been carrying on the heritage. The sarees have a characteristically thin body with a slightly thicker border that is functional in not letting wear-and-tear affect the delicate fabric of the saree. The border and pallu is usually adored with pretty paisley, flower or other motifs inspired by nature. Taant sarees are light-weight, pretty and they make you fall in love with them instantly!

Blouse Piece:


- Dry clean

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