Oolong Tea


Rs. 3,200

Stationery on point and a steaming cup of tea on her desk.

Hair tied up in a scrunchie and sleeves rolled up right.

Eyes on target, not a care whether it is dawn or dusk.

What could possibly stop this woman? Nothing....that’s right!

This dreamy drape in white and blue made of cotton looks like it is straight from heaven!


Length:  6.5 meters ; Width: 47 inches

Blouse Piece: Yes

Wash Care: Dry Wash

Blouse:  The model is wearing a blouse named as Earth -


Fabric: Cotton

Disclaimer: Slight colour variations are due to photography location and light conditions


Art does not have to be something that we admire from a distance. Especially in our culturally rich country, art has a place in most of the things that surround us and the clothes that we wear are the perfect platforms to showcase our very own identity through art. Indian art forms certainly have enough art forms that you can choose from to tell the world who you are. Among the best of such art forms is the art of embroidery

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