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Peela Anaar (Fabric)

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Product Type: Fabric

Length:  1.00 m (100.00 cm)  Width:  1.19 m (119.38 cm)

Wash Care: 

1. Hand wash separately in cold water and salt 
2. Don't soak it in water for more than 5 minutes 
3. Medium iron

Fabric: Handloom Cotton

Note: Price as per one meter

What You will Recieve: 1 Fabric

Yellow. The color evokes a sense of eternal joy!

The sunflower — hope and sunshine!

French fries — ah, crunchy pieces of little heaven!

Banana — easiest fruit to peel, great joy to eat!

Yellow taxis of Calcutta — warmth mixed with nostalgia!

And the human mind inclines towards everything that brings joy and renders simplicity to our lives. There is something rich and wholesome about this oh-so-friendly color, like a children’s picture book where aproned people sweep the floors and tabby cats nap in sunny windows and even in that extreme mundaneness, life appears to be just so happy and perfect.

This handloom cotton fabric in mustard with pomegranate motif detailing in red and black is a picture of all things happy and sunny!

Handloom cotton is a type of fabric that is woven using hand-operated looms. Two sets of interlacing yarns, the warp (length) and weft (width), are woven on a mechanised loom operated by weavers. These looms do not use electricity. Human handling lends the fabrics a unique feel and renders the fabrics more value. The art of hand-weaving is labour intensive and takes a longer time. But, the beauty it adds to the fabric is priceless. Choosing handloom cotton supports the rich weaving heritage of India and lets the weavers carry on the precious art-form to the future generations as well.

The beautiful pomegranate-inspired motif that symbolizes the co-existence of contrasts is hand-woven into the fabric and brings a gorgeous charm to the fabric. It reflects the idea of breaking stereotypes and looking at things in more than one way, of acceptance and un-labeling. Are you ready to box up all those labels and promise never to open that box again? Welcome to the world of “Anaar Hi Anaar” then! There is one anaar for everyone — whether you choose to wear a saree or a kurta or stitch a dress with its fabric.

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