Pink abeeer on my cheeks


Rs. 3,360
Pink abeeer on my cheeks- When theres jute in it, we love it.Light, colourful and handsome drape. Handmade saree with splash of colours that stole our hearts and is all set to steal more. This one comes with a red blouse piece, but we would suggets you to straightaway go for a raw jute or tussar fabric and make a blouse with 11 inches sleeves. Go Party, girl!. 6.5 meters of love
Length: 6.5 meters ; Width: 47 inches Blouse piece: Yes, it comes with running blouse piece Wash care: Dry wash Blouse: Su, the model is wearing a blouse is from our in house collection Fabric: Cotton a jute

When it comes to fabrics, there is a history of many types of fabrics that have been used since the dawn of the first civilizations. Some of these fabrics have weathered the changes in time and are still among the most used fabrics even today. While such fabrics and weaves have an undeniable old-world charm, at the other end of the spectrum there are some wonderful fabrics that are products of new-age innovation. These fabrics are developed with the challenges of the present world in mind while also retaining the allure of conventional fabrics. One of the most important ones in this list is fabric made out of Eucalyptus fiber. Eucalyptus wood is used as a raw material to derive the yarn for this and it is considered to be a revolutionary fabric for ecological and economical reasons. It uses a fraction of resources that other conventional fabrics use and the solvents used are also almost 100% recovered. This is called modal fibre and can be derived from other kinds of wood as well in sustainable ways.

At Suta we have we have taken this piece of innovation and made it into our very own fabric by combining modal yarn and polyester together to create a very special product. Polyester is a synthetically manufactured fabric that is woven along with natural fibres for durability and a characteristic smoothness. The combination of these fibres results in a fabric that has the strengths of both types of fibres.

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