Pujo (Gift Box )


Rs. 820


Contents in the box: 

- A special handwritten note on seed paper to sprout our love for you
-Dhunuchi and Dhoop clear out the air to make way for good vibes
-Sindoor Box in wooden container spreads the cheer of red
-Bindi to smile a little extra when you look in the mirror

Additional Details: 

The box is 10x10 inches in length and breadth. 
Height is 5 inches

Highly recommended: Adding your favourite Suta saree to the box seals the spirit of Pujo completely and makes the package your very own little happy place this festive season!

Every smile adds to the joy in the world, makes the air that much sweeter. Every heartfelt prayer adds to the love in the atmosphere, changing the black in the sky to a gorgeous crimson.

The Pujo Box is all those smiles, prayers, love and joy put together into one package of celebration just for you and your loved ones. The sindoor, the dhunuchi, the dhoop, every single element in the box comes straight from a humble artisan’s home to yours and the warmth only gets amplified when our team puts it all together with a handwritten note.

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