Shubh Mangal (Set of 5)


Rs. 1,090
Country of Origin: India

The best kind of love is one where you know you don’t really have to pray for yourself anymore. Because, your prayers are taken care of, by someone who cares for you like their own self! Anyway, recommendations work best, don’t they? Thank you for the quiet good wishes and love, dear bro/sis!

Celebrate your special bond of brotherhood/sisterhood with this perfect set of 5 Rakhis made just for you and your gang! 

This set includes 5 rakhis :

1. Chote Bhai

2. Mera Naadan Bro

3. Atoot Bandhan

4. Cool Wale Bhaiya

5. Yaar Wala Bro

Please note : 1.Rakhis are non returnable and non exchangeable
2. Exceptions to be considered case to case.

The Rakhis are made of cotton thread with embellishments and details added beautifully to them, with an abundance of love!

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