This and That (Blouse)


Rs. 2,016

"It looked like she existed like one half of a puzzle. She was a person who did not fit in with just anyone in the crowd. They called her aloof, they called her a loner. But, how could they ever know that her existence was meant to merge with only one. How could they know that she was not one half of a puzzle but that she was a canvas that had one half on a painting? It was when the other half merged with her that the world knew. It was then that they knew that some masterpieces are exclusive"


Standout from the rest with this magical blouse that merges two incredibly beautiful and unique prints into an even prettier amalgamation!

This rayon cotton blouse is one of a kind and serves a delicate floral pattern and an eye catching geometric pattern in a beautiful platter. The patterns are designed to blend in with each other and yet stand out. This non padded blouse is a pretty bet that can never fail to make you look resplendent and the beautiful boat neck and three fourth sleeves add to the prettiness

It Is a non-padded blouse

Wash care: Hand wash with love

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