Viola sororia (Mask)


Rs. 250

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She had always dreamt of the meadows, and the wild outgrowth of possibilities. Her feet seemed to know the direction to go in, or was it her nostrils leading her?

For she could already smell the fragrance of the wild Viola flowers calling out to her. Did they dream of her like she dreamt of them too?

This 3-layered reversible mask in pink and violet hues has a comfortable cotton fabric with beautiful hand-embroidered detailing of viola flowers on one side and the softest made-in-heaven mul on the other side. The adjustable loops make the mask easy to put on and very comfortable to wear on your face.

This mask protects your nose and mouth with utmost love and comfort. It is designed for maximum coverage, easy fit and can be secured behind your ears with the adjustable cotton loops that go behind your ears. It is specially designed keeping in mind that your ears are not hurt when you wear it for long. This eco-friendly, washable, beautiful mask is an essential addition to your personal protective gear.

Take on the world like a boss and look the part too!

Size : Length from the centre : 5 inches, Width excluding the ties : 11 inches

Wash Care: Wash after every use

  • Handwash it gently with soap, preferably in warm water
  • Wash separately and do not let it soak in water for too long
  • Dry in shade

Note : The masks are meant for personal protection only. They should not be used in place of surgical grade masks that are mandatory for healthcare workers or others handling or coming in contact with COVID-19 patients.

Masks are non-returnable once delivered.

Fabric : Made in heaven mul cotton

Details : Reversible and reusable 3 layered mask with adjustable straps (ties) to provide secure fit around nose and mouth

Disclaimer: The pictures are clicked in daylight. Colour may vary slightly from the image due to the screen brightness.

Align the mask on your face such that the pointed end is on your nose and the flatter end is on your chin

Hold the mask by the loops on either side and put the loops around your ears on both sides.

Adjust the stopper on the loops to tighten or loosen the mask.

Once secured, ensure that your nose and mouth are fully covered.

After use, unfasten carefully by removing the loops from your ears. Do not touch your face while untying the mask as this might lead to spread of germs from hands to face.

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