Watermelon and its seeds


Rs. 2,940


" Whatever she thought of, her sister said it out loud. Whenever she tried to control her giggles, her sister’s squeals made her lose control. Their mischief gained tenfold momentum when they got together because of their auto-sync. When the two pigtailed heads thought of a plan to wreck havoc at home, the whole household waited with bated breath to face the inevitable. No one knew how they co-ordinated on the spot as if they knew exactly what was in each other’s minds. Well, except for their mom. Mom knew very well that they were but two forms of the same spirit. She knew that they were seeds from one love-filled watermelon!”


Description : The classic combination of red and black is ravishing as ever and the beautiful Ikat design makes this saree irresistible. Get that festive glow on with this piece of prettiness! This stunning saree has an attractive Ikat design. Ikat is an art of resist-dyeing where the yarn is coated with resistive materials in specific patterns and then dyed before weaving the fabric. The process of applying dye-resist and dyeing is repeated multiple times to create exquisite patterns. Though the origin of Ikat is not clearly pin-pointed by historians, it is believed that civilisations all over the world have practiced this art or closely related techniques since ancient times. Chill in style this season with the intricate Ikat print weaving inexplicable magic and bringing together your favourite colours. The Ikat printed fabric is a subtle traditional touch that exudes a certain kind of delicate beauty. The piece of workmanship is the right blend of comfort, art and style coming together to make you look like a diva.!

Blouse Piece:


- Dry wash

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