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Article: Bio-enzyme is the magic potion that we need at home, Here’s why!

Bio-enzyme is the magic potion that we need at home, Here’s why! - suta

Bio-enzyme is the magic potion that we need at home, Here’s why!

At Suta, caring about our surroundings and trying to live consciously is something that we give utmost importance too. Sujata and Taniya have switched to bio-enzymes and make their own enzymes at home and it has been a beautiful switch for them.

So, this blog is all about what bio- enzymes are and why you too should make the switch for the benefit of your loved ones and for this planet. Bio-enzymes refer to solutions with natural bio-enzymes that can be used for household cleaning and various other cleansing needs. It is prepared by fermenting fruit and vegetable waste along with sugar in a certain proportion. This solution is all-natural and does not contain any harsh chemical detergents that affect our health as well as the environment adversely. It really is a miracle liquid that can be used for various purposes. It is so versatile that from cleaning surfaces in the house to working as a natural pesticide in gardens, there is very little that it can’t do. It can be used in homes to keep pests away, it can be used to clean limescale build-up on taps and other appliances and it can even be used to de-clog drains. What else are the advantages of embracing this miracle liquid?

It is truly salvation from the nasty chemicals Being extremely versatile, bio-enzymes can replace almost all of your store-bought liquids and detergents which are laden with dangerous chemicals such as ammonia phosphates and nitrates
that eventually end up contaminating our soil and water. What’s more? Bio-enzymes actually help in de-contaminating water when they enter water and soil.
Bio-enzymes are natural but tough Many people are skeptical about using bio-enzymes because they believe that harsh chemicals are needed to clean stains. However, even without polluting chemicals, bio-enzymes effectively act on stains and grime to give you a clean and fresh home. It also helps purify the air around and removes bad odour. Lesser waste goes to the landfill The fruit and vegetable peels that are usually thrown away can be used to make bio-enzymes solution and all this waste gets diverted from landfills. This makes you re-look at waste and makes you think how to turn waste into wealth. After the solution is made, the residual waste can be made into a paste and used as fertilizer for plants in your garden. It could begin a beautiful shift in your lifestyle A conscious decision to use natural cleansing agents is not just a stand-alone choice. It is a step towards sustainable living that is the need of the hour. This step can make you re-look at all other aspects of your life to analyse if you are making eco-friendly choices.

So, how do you make this miracle liquid? It is quite simple. Here are the steps- 
1. Eat lots of oranges and lemons. Save the peels. 
2. Take a large air tight container with a lid. Add water-jaggery-citrus peels in the following proportion:
1 litre water-100grams jaggery-300grams citrus peels

3. Let it ferment over 3 months, shaking it once a day. Sieve and use the golden liquid for all household cleaning needs. Reuse the pulp to reduce prep time of the next batch, which could be ready in 45 days!

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