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Sutlej (Dupatta) Sale priceRs. 1,850.00
Narmada (Dupatta) Sale priceRs. 2,250.00
Udta SathiUdta Sathi
Udta Sathi (Dupatta) Sale priceRs. 2,150.00
Khula AsmanKhula Asman
Khula Asman (Dupatta) Sale priceRs. 1,850.00
Yamuna (Dupatta) Sale priceRs. 2,400.00
Safed MannSafed Mann
Safed Mann (Dupatta) Sale priceRs. 1,760.00
Autumn garden (Dupatta) - sutaAutumn garden (Dupatta) - suta
Autumn garden Sale priceRs. 2,650.00
Phantom Nightingale DupattaPhantom Nightingale Dupatta
Misty Finchling DupattaMisty Finchling Dupatta
Misty Finchling Dupatta (Dupatta) Sale priceRs. 2,000.00
Melodic Dove DupattaMelodic Dove Dupatta
Melodic Dove Dupatta (Dupatta) Sale priceRs. 2,000.00
Enigmatic Songbird DupattaEnigmatic Songbird Dupatta
Ganatantra (Dupatta) Sale priceRs. 2,350.00
Unity (Dupatta) Sale priceRs. 1,760.00
Faeezah (Scarf) - sutaFaeezah (Scarf) - suta
Faeezah (Shawl) Sale priceRs. 5,500.00
Naazmin (Shawl) - sutaNaazmin (Shawl) - suta
Naazmin (Shawl) Sale priceRs. 18,000.00
Mirha (Scarf) - sutaMirha (Scarf) - suta
Mirha (Scarf) Sale priceRs. 5,500.00
Bewitching wilds (Dupatta) - sutaBewitching wilds (Dupatta) - suta
Bewitching wilds Sale priceRs. 2,650.00
Elephant stories (Dupatta) - sutaElephant stories (Dupatta) - suta
Elephant stories Sale priceRs. 2,650.00
Fauzia (Shawl) - suta.inFauzia (Shawl) -
Fauzia (Shawl) Sale priceRs. 42,000.00
Rumeha (Shawl) - suta.inRumeha (Shawl) -
Rumeha (Shawl) Sale priceRs. 39,000.00
Falak (Stole) - suta.inFalak (Stole) -
Falak (Stole) Sale priceRs. 7,500.00
Insha (Stole) - suta.inInsha (Stole) -
Insha (Stole) (Scarf) Sale priceRs. 7,500.00
Zainab (Shawl) - suta.inZainab (Shawl) -
Zainab (Shawl) Sale priceRs. 11,000.00
Nargis (Shawl) - suta.inNargis (Shawl) -
Nargis (Shawl) Sale priceRs. 18,000.00
Gauhar (Scarf) - suta.inGauhar (Scarf) -
Gauhar (Scarf) Sale priceRs. 5,500.00
Ruhani (Scarf) - suta.inRuhani (Scarf) -
Ruhani (Scarf) Sale priceRs. 5,500.00
Shahnoor (Scarf) - suta.inShahnoor (Scarf) -
Shahnoor (Scarf) Sale priceRs. 5,500.00
Tahira (Scarf) - suta.inTahira (Scarf) -
Tahira (Scarf) Sale priceRs. 5,500.00
Sold outMoonlit Sparrow DupattaMoonlit Sparrow Dupatta
Moonlit Sparrow Dupatta (Dupatta) Sale priceRs. 2,000.00
Sold outMisty Starling DupattaMisty Starling Dupatta
Misty Starling Dupatta (Dupatta) Sale priceRs. 2,000.00
Sold outAzadi ke PankhAzadi ke Pankh
Azadi ke Pankh (Dupatta) Sale priceRs. 2,150.00
Sold outTiranga pyaraTiranga pyara
Tiranga pyara (Dupatta) Sale priceRs. 1,900.00
Sold outLehra dooLehra doo
Lehra doo (Dupatta) Sale priceRs. 2,100.00
Sold outAminah - sutaAminah - suta
Aminah (Scarf) Sale priceRs. 54,000.00
Sold outPink spruce (Dupatta) - sutaPink spruce (Dupatta) - suta
Pink spruce Sale priceRs. 3,800.00
Sold outOcean echoes (Dupatta) - sutaOcean echoes (Dupatta) - suta
Ocean echoes Sale priceRs. 3,800.00
Sold outTu Munshudi (Dupatta) - sutaTu Munshudi (Dupatta) - suta
Tu Munshudi Sale priceRs. 3,300.00
Sold outCurrent waves (Dupatta) - sutaCurrent waves (Dupatta) - suta
Current waves Sale priceRs. 3,300.00
Sold outAntique walls (Dupatta) - sutaAntique walls (Dupatta) - suta
Antique walls Sale priceRs. 2,550.00
Sold outRupasi (Dupatta) - sutaRupasi (Dupatta) - suta
Rupasi Sale priceRs. 2,650.00
Sold outNarrow roads (Dupatta) - sutaNarrow roads (Dupatta) - suta
Narrow roads Sale priceRs. 2,650.00
Sold outJangly vines (Dupatta) - sutaJangly vines (Dupatta) - suta
Jangly vines Sale priceRs. 2,650.00
Sold outPanchatantra (Dupatta) - sutaPanchatantra (Dupatta) - suta
Panchatantra Sale priceRs. 2,650.00
Sold outNohreen (Stole) - suta.inNohreen (Stole) -
Nohreen (Stole) Sale priceRs. 19,000.00
Sold outHiba (Shawl) - suta.inHiba (Shawl) -
Hiba (Shawl) Sale priceRs. 42,000.00
Sold outSadaf (Shawl) - suta.inSadaf (Shawl) -
Sadaf (Shawl) Sale priceRs. 39,000.00
Sold outKausar (Stole) - suta.inKausar (Stole) -
Kausar (Stole) Sale priceRs. 7,500.00
Sold outKashm (Stole) - suta.inKashm (Stole) -
Kashm (Stole) Sale priceRs. 9,500.00
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