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We started off as a brand with just the two of us juggling every possible role by ourselves. It wasn’t smooth sailing from the word go, we struggled, learnt a lot of things the hard way, survived through challenges that we did not even imagine until then. The one thing that always drove us through the tough times, right from the beginning, was our vision to make a tangible impact on the artisanal economy and to contribute to a better world to the best of our abilities.
5 years later we are a 5 lakh+ beautiful community that is backed by 14000+ weavers and artisans from all over India. We found the dream team, one person at a time, whose vision aligned with ours and are a 100+ family of employees today. Through every stage of our progress, it is the vision that runs as a common thread – the Suta of Suta.

As we step forward, we continue to be lead by the goal of the greater good and maximum positive impact across a wider spectrum of areas.

To that end, here are Suta’s 2030 goals, many of which we are already working very hard towards and the rest of which we are committed to achieving.
-Switch to 100% natural fiber products and collections
-Maximize handloom and hand-made products, thereby on-boarding exponentially more weavers and artisans (target- 2 lakhs) to Suta
-Officially confirm our ethical standards of operations as per respective certifying agencies and extending our monitoring of ethical practices from farm to wardrobe
-Track our carbon footprint and maintain the lowest footprint possible through partnerships with supporting organizations and initiatives like Suta Earth
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