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Party Wear Sarees

Suta's party wear sarees epitomise glamour and sophistication. Infused with contemporary designs, luxurious fabrics, and exquisite detailing, these sarees are tailored for special occasions. Whether adorned with sequins, embroidery, or bold patterns, Suta's party wear collection ensures a head-turning, stylish ensemble, making every celebration a memorable fashion statement.

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Beet and Turnip - suta.inBeet and Turnip -
Beet and Turnip (Saree) Sale priceRs. 3,745.00
Raga Saama - suta.inRaga Saama - suta
Raga Saama (Saree) Sale priceRs. 3,300.00
Manjaadi - sutaManjaadi - suta
Manjaadi (Saree) Sale priceRs. 2,950.00
Raga Hamsadhvani - suta.inRaga Hamsadhvani -
Raga Hamsadhvani (Saree) Sale priceRs. 3,500.00
Raga Brindavan Sarang - suta.inRaga Brindavan Sarang -
Raga Brindavan Sarang (Saree) Sale priceRs. 3,500.00
Bossy Caramel - suta.inBossy Caramel -
Bossy Caramel (Saree) Sale priceRs. 2,570.00
Raga Bhairavi - suta.inRaga Bhairavi -
Raga Bhairavi (Saree) Sale priceRs. 3,500.00
Bougainvillea - suta.inBougainvillea -
Bougainvillea (Saree) Sale priceRs. 2,040.00
Vaidehi Laila - sutaVaidehi Laila - suta
Vaidehi Laila (Saree) Sale priceRs. 2,600.00
Lotus in Thirunavaya - suta.inLotus in Thirunavaya -
Lotus in Thirunavaya (Saree) Sale priceRs. 2,470.00
Vaidehi Shashi - sutaVaidehi Shashi - suta
Vaidehi Shashi (Saree) Sale priceRs. 2,600.00
Laal Chumki - suta.inLaal Chumki -
Laal chumki (Saree) Sale priceRs. 2,675.00
Raga Sahana - suta.inRaga Sahana -
Raga Sahana (Saree) Sale priceRs. 3,500.00
Raga Megh Malhar - suta.inRaga Megh Malhar -
Raga Megh Malhar (Saree) Sale priceRs. 3,500.00
Raga Asavari - suta.inRaga Asavari -
Raga Asavari (Saree) Sale priceRs. 3,500.00
Radiant GlowRadiant Glow
Radiant Glow (Saree) Sale priceRs. 8,050.00
Chulbuli ChidiyaChulbuli Chidiya
Chulbuli Chidiya (Saree) Sale priceRs. 4,650.00
Aflatoon AndaazAflatoon Andaaz
Aflatoon Andaaz (Saree) Sale priceRs. 4,650.00
Sweet BunsSweet Buns
Sweet Buns (Saree) Sale priceRs. 15,600.00
Mint rhapsodyMint rhapsody
Mint rhapsody (Saree) Sale priceRs. 8,050.00
Midnight MagicMidnight Magic
Midnight Magic (Saree) Sale priceRs. 8,050.00
Azure AuraAzure Aura
Azure Aura (Saree) Sale priceRs. 8,050.00
30% off Aasmani parinda SG1Aasmani parinda SG1
Aasmani parinda SG1 (Saree) Sale priceRs. 27,912.50 Regular priceRs. 39,875.00
30% off Jashn-e-ishq SG1Jashn-e-ishq SG1
Jashn-e-ishq SG1 (Saree) Sale priceRs. 27,912.50 Regular priceRs. 39,875.00
40% off Jumbo - Dumbo SG1Jumbo - Dumbo SG1
Jumbo - Dumbo SG1 (Saree) Sale priceRs. 3,234.00 Regular priceRs. 5,390.00
30% off Seeking Saraswati SG1Seeking Saraswati SG1
Seeking Saraswati SG1 (Saree) Sale priceRs. 15,400.00 Regular priceRs. 22,000.00
30% off I am karma SG7I am karma SG7
I am karma SG7 (Saree) Sale priceRs. 5,110.00 Regular priceRs. 7,300.00
30% off Mel – Milaap SG1Mel – Milaap SG1
Mel – Milaap SG1 (Saree) Sale priceRs. 8,540.00 Regular priceRs. 12,200.00
30% off Dilkash Nazara SG1Dilkash Nazara SG1
Dilkash Nazara SG1 (Saree) Sale priceRs. 34,300.00 Regular priceRs. 49,000.00
30% off Ocean pearl roses SG1Ocean pearl roses SG1
Ocean pearl roses SG1 (Saree) Sale priceRs. 15,638.00 Regular priceRs. 22,340.00
Vaidehi - sutaVaidehi -
Vaidehi (Saree) Sale priceRs. 2,600.00
Barfi - sutaBarfi -
Barfi (Saree) Sale priceRs. 2,745.00
Her PhoolHer Phool
Her Phool (Saree) Sale priceRs. 3,900.00
Their PhoolTheir Phool
Their Phool (Saree) Sale priceRs. 3,900.00
Aavani - sutaAavani - suta
Aavani (Saree) Sale priceRs. 3,200.00
Hari Bhari Jawa Kusum - sutaHari Bhari Jawa Kusum - suta
Hari Bhari Jawa Kusum (Saree) Sale priceRs. 2,950.00
Dilruba - sutaDilruba -
Dilruba (Saree) Sale priceRs. 2,605.00
Rokto Joba - sutaRokto Joba - suta
Rokto Joba (Saree) Sale priceRs. 2,800.00
Sukoon Ke Rang - sutaSukoon Ke Rang - suta
Sukoon Ke Rang (Saree) Sale priceRs. 3,745.00
Sanvli Raat - suta.inSanvli Raat -
Sanvli Raat (Saree) Sale priceRs. 3,900.00
Swarn-abha - suta.inSwarn-abha -
Swarn Abha (Saree) Sale priceRs. 3,900.00
Warli khesh - sutaWarli khesh - suta
Warli khesh (Saree) Sale priceRs. 3,610.00
Evergreen in Kerala - suta.inEvergreen in Kerala -
Evergreen in Kerala (Saree) Sale priceRs. 2,470.00
Big Sitara - suta.inBig Sitara -
Big Sitara (Saree) Sale priceRs. 3,020.00
Blissful ManzilBlissful Manzil
Blissful Manzil (Saree) Sale priceRs. 1,950.00
Ode To Greens - suta.inOde To Greens - suta
Ode To Greens (Saree) Sale priceRs. 2,040.00
Jheel - suta.inJheel -
Jheel (Saree) Sale priceRs. 2,605.00
Pixie Trails - sutaPixie Trails - suta
Pixie Trails (Saree) Sale priceRs. 2,950.00

Finest collections of party wear saree for women

Suta undeniably boasts one of the finest collections of party wear sarees for women. Renowned for their impeccable craftsmanship and contemporary designs, Suta's party wear sarees redefine elegance. The meticulous attention to detail, luxurious fabrics, and a diverse range of styles make each saree a showstopper. 

Whether adorned with intricate embroidery or featuring bold patterns, Suta's party wear sarees effortlessly capture the essence of modern glamour, ensuring that every woman exudes confidence and grace at any celebration.

Fancy sarees for party

Suta's fancy sarees for parties epitomise a perfect blend of style and celebration. These sarees are a testament to Suta's commitment to crafting unique and extraordinary ensembles for special occasions. With a focus on contemporary designs, vibrant colors, and innovative embellishments, Suta's fancy party sarees effortlessly capture the spirit of festivities. 

Whether it's the use of sequins, playful patterns, or artistic detailing, each saree reflects a commitment to making a bold and elegant statement. Suta's fancy sarees for parties are a go-to choice for those seeking to stand out and make a lasting impression at any party or social gathering.