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Organza Sarees

Suta organza sarees blend elegance with modernity. Crafted from lightweight organza fabric, these sarees feature delicate embroidery and vibrant designs. Known for their sheer texture, Suta organza sarees are perfect for special occasions, adding a touch of grace and sophistication to any woman's wardrobe.

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Sunflower Garden - sutaSunflower Garden - suta
Sunflower Garden (Saree) Sale priceRs. 6,350.00
Heartfelt HellosHeartfelt Hellos
Heartfelt Hellos (Saree) Sale priceRs. 14,850.00
Scarlet Tanager - sutaScarlet Tanager - suta
Scarlet Tanager (Saree) Sale priceRs. 7,550.00
Whispering Zephyr - sutaWhispering Zephyr - suta
Whispering Zephyr (Saree) Sale priceRs. 26,200.00
Blue Eared StarlingBlue Eared Starling
Blue Eared Starling (Saree) Sale priceRs. 7,550.00
Triumphant Tara - sutaTriumphant Tara - suta
Triumphant Tara (Saree) Sale priceRs. 24,200.00
Midnight Musings - sutaMidnight Musings - suta
Midnight Musings (Saree) Sale priceRs. 26,200.00
Sandhill Crane - sutaSandhill Crane - suta
Sandhill Crane (Saree) Sale priceRs. 7,550.00
Gulab SonaGulab Sona
Gulab Sona (Saree) Sale priceRs. 9,200.00
Rejuvenating Rukmini - sutaRejuvenating Rukmini - suta
Rejuvenating Rukmini (Saree) Sale priceRs. 24,200.00
Blooming in the night - sutaBlooming in the night - suta
Blooming in the night (Saree) Sale priceRs. 6,350.00
Bagh (Saree) Sale priceRs. 8,250.00
Serene Sita - sutaSerene Sita - suta
Serene Sita (Saree) Sale priceRs. 24,200.00
Nurturing Nirupa - sutaNurturing Nirupa - suta
Nurturing Nirupa (Saree) Sale priceRs. 24,200.00
Seeking Saraswati - sutaSeeking Saraswati - suta
Seeking Saraswati (Saree) Sale priceRs. 24,200.00
Creative Chaitali - sutaCreative Chaitali - suta
Creative Chaitali (Saree) Sale priceRs. 24,200.00
Valorous Vrinda - sutaValorous Vrinda - suta
Valorous Vrinda (Saree) Sale priceRs. 24,200.00
Tenacious Trisha - sutaTenacious Trisha - suta
Tenacious Trisha (Saree) Sale priceRs. 24,200.00
Courageous ChitrangadaCourageous Chitrangada
Courageous Chitrangada (Saree) Sale priceRs. 24,200.00
Love AlwaysLove Always
Love Always (Saree) Sale priceRs. 14,850.00
Bhari Mandi - sutaBhari Mandi - suta
Bhari Mandi (Saree) Sale priceRs. 6,350.00
Escaping Enigma - sutaEscaping Enigma - suta
Escaping Enigma (Saree) Sale priceRs. 26,200.00
Rani Kohenur (Designer two piece set) - sutaRani Kohenur (Designer two piece set) - suta
Rani Kohenur (Designer two piece set) Sale priceRs. 89,000.00


Bling It Blind - sutaBling It Blind - suta
Bling It Blind (Pre Draped Sarees) Sale priceRs. 61,300.00


Serendipitous Sojourn - sutaSerendipitous Sojourn - suta
Serendipitous Sojourn (Saree) Sale priceRs. 26,200.00
Mystique Mirage - sutaMystique Mirage - suta
Mystique Mirage (Saree) Sale priceRs. 26,200.00
Spellbound Breeze - sutaSpellbound Breeze - suta
Spellbound Breeze (Saree) Sale priceRs. 26,200.00
Little Red Corvette - sutaLittle Red Corvette - suta
Little Red Corvette (Saree) Sale priceRs. 24,550.00
Ocean pearl roses - suta.inOcean pearl roses - suta.in
Ocean pearl roses (Saree) Sale priceRs. 24,550.00
Shikhar (Saree) Sale priceRs. 9,400.00
20% off
GAR-0590 (Saree) Sale priceRs. 19,640.00 Regular priceRs. 24,550.00
9% off
Serene Sita SG1Serene Sita SG1
Serene Sita SG1 (garage_saree) Sale priceRs. 22,000.00 Regular priceRs. 24,200.00
Medusa - sutaMedusa - suta
Medusa (Saree) Sale priceRs. 48,500.00
Angels Aboard - sutaAngels Aboard - suta
Angels Aboard (Saree) Sale priceRs. 49,000.00
Silver Screen Romance - sutaSilver Screen Romance - suta
Silver Screen Romance (Saree) Sale priceRs. 24,550.00

Organza silk sarees

Suta's organza silk sarees epitomise timeless beauty and refined craftsmanship. Merging the luxurious allure of silk with the sheer elegance of organza, these sarees exude a graceful charm. The intricate detailing, often adorned with delicate embroidery or subtle motifs, enhances their aesthetic appeal. 

Ideal for special occasions, Suta's organza silk sarees effortlessly blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary style, making them a coveted choice for those who appreciate sophistication in ethnic attire.

Pure organza silk sarees from Suta

Suta's pure organza silk sarees stand out as among the best due to their exceptional quality and meticulous craftsmanship. Sourcing the finest silk and organza materials, Suta ensures a luxurious and lightweight feel. The sarees showcase intricate detailing and artistic embellishments, reflecting a perfect fusion of tradition and contemporary aesthetics. 

Known for their durability and timeless appeal, Suta's pure organza silk sarees not only elevate the wearer's style but also exude a sense of cultural richness, making them a top choice for those seeking both quality and elegance in ethnic fashion.