When there were just two little girls in a world so magical,
That they floated on the clouds with the winds of dreams carrying them away like a feather ever so delicate.

Giggling about the shape of a raindrop or the nose of a bird,
They were lost yet so much at home in that land of infinite possibilities.

Their Nani’s ghar nurturing that fuzzy feeling of joy in their hearts,
Playing around her soft mul mul sarees drying in the garden that carried all the love she had for her little darlings.

Little did they know that those were the moments that defined how much a delicate saree could symbolize. How the threads in it could forge a lifelong eternal connection between individuals and carry forward stories in a language so intangible, yet beautiful!

This is the story of Suta. It redefines sarees as channels of love and vessels of stories. It recognizes the loving hands that make a fabric with so much of their heart invested into it and brings that DNA to the fore. It becomes the ground for a community of gorgeous women to be whoever they want to be.