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Article: Suta Earth – A step ahead, together

Suta Earth – A step ahead, together - suta

Suta Earth – A step ahead, together

It is no secret that the world we live in rapidly changing. More so in times such as the present when a pandemic, several global issues and general stress among people have been coming together with deceiving ease. As people who hold the great power to change things around, we have a lot to think about now and one of those important things is the small, everyday changes that we can make in our lifestyle to step towards a greener, better tomorrow. As we explore more of what this means to our consumers and to us as a brand, we have put together a little plan to kick-start an initiative that has been in our pipeline for some time now!

So, what’s brewing?

As a brand, we have been consciously making changes within our processes and in our product lines to tread lighter and lighter on this beautiful planet. From re-using our internal plastic packaging to empowering our artisans and weavers, especially women, to have access to sustainable livelihoods, we have a lot of things already in place at Suta and are committed to take this journey further.

However, we have dreamt of starting an initiative that solely focuses on circular, conscious projects at Suta, beyond our existing systems and we are extremely thrilled to tell you that we are launching one such initiative tomorrow, on Earth Day!

Introducing Suta Earth!

This is an initiative that promotes circular design. We are setting up a system to collect unused sarees from you to turn the fabric into Suta packaging bags that are consciously designed to become indispensable, re-usable bags that further promote sustainable lifestyle choices!

Read more about Suta Earth here (link)!

We believe that when all of us come together, we are a force for good and this is what we intend to achieve with Suta Earth. And, we invite you on this journey with us. This Earth Day, let us challenge both the burden of the past and issues of the future and weave together a better tomorrow. Because this is our story!

Are you in?

Leaving you with these beautiful lines from Sleeping at Last to ponder about as we join hands and step forward together!

“We will call this place our home

The dirt in which our roots may grow

Though the storm will push and pull

We will call this place our home

We’ll tell our stories on these walls

Every year measure how tall

And just like a work of art

We’ll tell our stories on these walls…”

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