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Article: Dear Suta Queens, here is how you can avoid the fake-brigade of websites

Dear Suta Queens, here is how you can avoid the fake-brigade of websites - suta

Dear Suta Queens, here is how you can avoid the fake-brigade of websites

The internet is a place that connects us to all the lovely people like you and makes the Suta community a reality. It is such a beautiful bond that we share, just by being our wonderful selves and loving the same kind of things as each other. But then, there is another side to the internet where people suddenly become leeches and try to suck all the hard work and dedication of others by creating fake websites. These fake websites have become a plague off late with lack of regulations adding to the woes.

We get multiple notifications almost every day from our Suta Queens who find fake websites pretending to sell Suta sarees and bring it to our notice. We even had a Suta Queen who just visited a website briefly only to receive a call the subsequent day saying she has made a purchase on that website!

So, to make it easier for you to spot fake websites, we have put together some general pointers to keep in mind. Read on and always steer clear of these digital pitfalls.

Check the website and go through the products:

The first thing to do when shopping online is to go through the website completely. Often, we are tempted to just look at a product on a page and buy it. But, it is wise to go through the website and see how the look-and-feel of the website is. Keep an eye for grammar mistakes, for inconsistencies in the website and for poor design. Check for illogical price-slashes as well. These things are tell-tale signs of a fake website.

Check for genuine customer reviews or the lack of them:

Customer reviews can reflect how good or bad a brand is. But, it can also be a very good way to find out whether a brand is original or fake. Go through the social media page and the website and check out whether there are any customer reviews. You can also Google the name of the brand and check if there are any blogs about it. What is important to note here is that customer reviews can also be
fabricated. So, you have to be extra-careful when looking for genuine customer reviews.

Verify the contact details and keep an eye out for anything suspicious:

Every authentic website has valid contact details that are specified in an elaborate manner. A fake website is likely to not have this. When you find contact details on a website, reach out and check for authenticity if you feel the site looks suspicious.

Your intuition pays a role, listen to it:

While doing all these things, trust your intuition because some things are not easy to pin-point but can be felt immediately when you look at a website or a page. Do not brush aside any intuitive negative feelings you have when you go through a website to buy products.

Never make a payment when in doubt:

Above all, the only thing that these fake websites want from you is your money. All the traps that are laid are for this purpose. So, keep it in mind to NEVER make any payment either online or to bank accounts even when you have the tiniest doubt about a brand.

We have listed a few FAKE websites below, report them if you haven’t them already:





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