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Article: Happy Children's day to the child in and around you!

Happy Children's day to the child in and around you! - suta

Happy Children's day to the child in and around you!

We are often told to “keep our inner child alive” but what is this “inner child” we keep referring to and how do we keep it “alive”? More importantly, why do we constantly feel this pressure of having to keep it alive – which obviously means it’s a hard thing to do! Our “inner child” is nothing but a part of our own consciousness that has been subtly picking up messages way before it was able to fully process what really is going on. This fragment of our mind holds emotions, memories and beliefs from the past as well as hopes and dreams for the future. In the race of life we often forget to access that part of ourselves. As we grow up, our beliefs and ideologies keep evolving too. Getting back in touch with our inner child is a great way to relieve ourselves from stress and to re-embrace the creativity and vitality that we once had as a child, that we still have deep down!! Be honest, when was the last time you got in touch with your inner child and how long did the experience last before you tumbled backward into your existing reality?

Every gift of a child is a pure soul entrusted to humankind from eternity. Doesn’t this make our roles of building a person’s thoughts, ideas and a lifetime of experiences crucial? Not just the child’s parents, I happen to believe it’s upon each one of us he/she interacts with, to ensure that we lead by example and impart the right set of values. However little time we spend with children, we must remember that they pay great attention to our words and actions, they imitate us blindly and they learn what we teach them unknowingly!

Do you remember thinking – “Life was easier and so much better when I was a child”? Absolutely. Do you remember telling yourself – “I won’t take stress over this important matter now, let me postpone it to tomorrow or the day after”? Never. Stress seems to come quite naturally to each one of us. But happiness, being in the present moment, we unstintingly postpone! Is it because we think that if we deal with all the stress today, tomorrow we can live freely? Does it guarantee that tomorrow won’t bring something new to worry about? Even if we cannot seize an entire day to rejoice, let’s not miss those little moments that offer us a chance to forget about all our worries and simply – LIVE (like a child) again! Laughing like a kid, laughing with the kids, playing hide & seek with them, learning a step or two from them, sitting and solving crossword puzzles with them, running outside to catch a glimpse of the setting sun, stretching a hand out into the pouring rain or getting drenched under the open sky, making paper boats, singing out loud like no one’s listening, dancing like no one’s watching – how amazing would it be to enjoy the small miracles of every day instead of waiting for a big one and reviving the connection to our true selves? Let’s not grow up anytime soon, let’s not grow old in our hearts ever! Look at these angels in Suta for some inspiration.

The Goddess gets worshipped in many different forms – has She ever won our hearts this beautifully?

Sweet, generous, passionate – I cannot wait to watch you grow up and conquer the world!

Today you’ve won our hearts – go win the war tomorrow, darling!

Making a child feel comfortable in her own skin is an incredible feeling! On a scale from 1 to 10 – you’re beyond any measuring scale!

You’ve got all the right moves, but I love it most when you move my heart!

We’ve been seeing so many wonderfully amazing women donning Suta like second skin and filling our hearts with immense joy every hour of every day for years. Now the time has come for these “little women” to win more hearts with their innate elegance and innocent charm! This precious munchkin makes every thread of this Suta creation worth it!

Our world is surely better with you in it – my sweet, little, baby girl!

This smile —this quiet, self-assurance in her demeanor —the playful mischief in her eyes —it all adds up to tell the world that a stunning diva and a wonderful personality is in the making!

Nothing in the world is perfect, but YOU ARE! And you can make the world a better, happier place if not perfect. Happy Children’s Day to the child within you and around you :)

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