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Article: Artisan Stories - Our Lifelines

Artisan Stories - Our Lifelines - suta

Artisan Stories - Our Lifelines

The artists who create art are a part of the art itself. Their own emotions, their struggles, their joys and their love are hidden in every piece of art they create. People distinguish some pieces of art as masterpieces and some as just art. However, the plain truth is that there is no distinction in art. Every single piece of art created by a true artist is a masterpiece that holds infinite possibilities of interpretations and it is just a matter of time and space for the meanings to come out.

It is not a co-incidence that most of the artists have within them a deep-seated agony as well as infinite love. It certainly is a double-edged sword. The same depth that allows artists to give themselves to art is also responsible for their helpless struggle with unsolicited emotions. That is in fact the beauty of it.

We at Suta work with our own artists who in the guise of being artisans and employees are weaving, working and bringing out masterpieces of sarees and clothes. We hold our head a little bit higher up than usual for being able to work with such talented and dedicated people. Getting to work side-by-side with such souls is a privilege for us and their stories are nothing short of stunning. The way they handle the highs and lows of life is something that leaves us wide-eyed.

We consider it our biggest achievement that we have been able to be a part of their lives in a small way. Their stories are stories that need to be told and are stories that definitely need to be heard. The entire story warrants a bigger project. For now, let us take a peek into some life-changing moments in the journey of our Suta family members and share the abundance of their happiness.

Malati gets her son to school

26 year-old Malati became a part of Suta with conviction to make a positive change for her family. Many people wonder how the small pom-poms at the pallu of Suta sarees can give so much of beauty to the entire saree. Well, all we can say is that there is magic in the hands of people like Malati who make those pom-poms for us. Her dedication makes her work a wonder regardless of its place on the saree. Malati contributed to her family’s income after she started working with us and was able to send her kid to school.

Surya takes the lead

Surya was a troubled man who was in dire need of escaping from the unfortunate reality at his home. His wife was beaten up and abused by his father and the couple had little control over the circumstances. Surya was determined to find a better life for himself and his 20 year-old wife and that was a prime focus for him. After he started working at Suta, he has been able to finally get out of the clutches of torture and live a dignified life with his wife in a separate home.

A family that works together stays together

An entire family of 6 people work hard for Suta sarees and clothes to emerge as beautifully as they do. The warm and loving family has been saving up since they started work and are now a lot closer to their dream of buying their own new house. God speed to them!

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