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Article: Physical Saree Shops in India

Physical Saree Shops in India - suta

Physical Saree Shops in India

A brief guide to shop for gorgeous sarees from all over India

Just like how the lotus is the national flower of India and the peacock is the national bird of India, sarees could easily be known as the official clothing for the women of India. Sarees perfectly bring out the culturally rooted yet stylish personality of the Indian women. Although there are many variations to the style of saree draping and the form that the saree takes in different parts of India, the basic idea is the same.

The long, drape-y fabric that perfectly hugs each and every curve of a woman and instantly transforms her into a goddess is one that is loved by women all over the country. Women take a lot of pride when it comes to their collection of sarees and add each saree to the collection with great care.

So, as you go on a quest to add the perfect sarees to your collection, take a look at some of the best places to shop for sarees from different parts of India.  You can pick-up sarees from these cities and towns when you are there for some other work or even plan a saree-shopping vacation to these places!

Let us get started then.


  • Vaya Weaving Heritage – Exquisite sarees from weavers belonging to all parts of India
  • Ratanshi Kheraj Sarees – Check out authentic Banarasi sarees from this century-old brand
  • Anavila – Traditional Indian weaves with a trendy twist from designer Anavila Mishra
  • Kalki Fashion – Amazing collection of sarees, lehengas and party-wear with Indian sensibilities
  • Kala Niketan – Wide-range of collection under every type of saree
  • Warp n Weft – Absolutely regal Banarasi Weaves from master weavers
  • Sagar Couture – Designer sarees and apparel from a brand that is chosen by the crème-la-creme of Mumbai
  • Sva Couture – Gorgeous designer sarees with intricate detailing and traditional Indian fabrics



  • Ekaya Banaras – The best weaves from over 8000 weavers come alive as stunning sarees
  • Raw Mango – Contemporary sarees with traditional Indian designs on hand-woven fabrics
  • Ogaan – High-end fashion from top designers of the country come together in this store
  • Bageecha – Finest collection of Banarasi sarees under one roof
  • Qbik – Latest fashion and traditional, rich fabric comes together here
  • House of Raisons – Age-old traditions of weaving come alive in their most beautiful avatar



  • Madhurya – Authentic, exquisite sarees from traditional artisans with profits funding education of under-privileged kids
  • Mysore Saree Udyog – Swadeshi weaves that will entice you with their irresistible charms
  • Saboo Collections – Family clothing store with a great collection of sarees
  • RMKV – Beautiful sarees in all price-ranges for a great shopping experience
  • Shantala Silk House – Attractive collection of designer sarees of different varieties
  • Prasiddhi Silks – This brand boasts of some of the best cotton and traditional silk sarees in Karnataka
  • Janardhan Silk House – Superb collection of all kinds of traditional silk sarees
  • Taneira – Traditional Indian sarees that will appeal to the modern women
  • Sudharshan Family Store – One of the most popular shops for sarees in Bangalore



Kasab Sarees – A one-stop shop for the best of hand-woven sarees in Ahmedabad



  • Soni Paithani – The glory of Maharasthrian Paithani Silk comes alive in the sarees here
  • Kapse Paithani – Festive Paithani sarees directly from weavers



  • Asopalav – Trusted brand with unique collection of sarees and ethnic wear
  • G3+ - Family shopping centre with a great collection of sarees



  • Kanakavalli – It is truly a sanctorum for Kanjivaram silk sarees as the founder rightly describes it
  • Amethyst – Most unique collection of sarees from the best designers of the country
  • Palam Silks – The perfect shop for a blend of most traditional South Indian sarees and modern sensibilities
  • Tulsi Silks – Wide variety of sarees in all types of rich weaves
  • Sundari Silks – A charming space with equally charming collection of sarees



  • Jagdish Das and Company – One of the most popular shops to get beautiful Banarasi silk and other types of silk sarees woven by master weavers
  • Sri Balaji Silk Factory - A stunning collection of authentic Banarasi sarees
  • Holy Weaves – Banarasi sarees in all their glory with truly regal designs



  • The Adi Dakeshwari Bastralaya – A local shop in Kolkata with some amazing sarees in their collection
  • Balaram Saha – Hand-woven Dhakai and Khadi sarees from the weavers of West Bengal
  • Indian Silk House Agencies – A one-stop shop for collection of the best sarees in all types of silks
  • Kanishkas – One of the most popular saree shops in Kolkata for decades with exquisite collection of sarees
  • ByLoom – Innovative traditional weaves that cater to modern sensibilities
  • Indian Silk House – Vast collection of traditional sarees from all parts of the country
  • Priya Gopal Bishoyi – Beautiful range of traditional sarees designed by Priya Gopal Bishoyi
  • Simaaya – Gorgeous sarees and bridal wear with Indian ethnic sensibilities at heart
  • Saarang – A trusted brand for amazing sarees and other fashion apparel with great quality
  • Gourisariya – One of the best saree shops in Kolkata for the last 60 years with amazing collections
  • Vedam – A fashion boutique with great sarees made of traditional Indian weaves



  • Tathastu – Collection of pure, authentic Paithani sarees
  • Swamini – Very popular shop for exclusive collection of Paithani and other silk sarees



  • Jai Dev Govindram Saree Mahal – Most popular shop in Lucknow for all kinds of sarees at great prices
  • Nazrana – Authentic Chikankari sarees and apparel



  • Boynika Sarees – One of the oldest and most trusted place for hand-woven Sambhalpuri sarees
  • Mehers – Beautiful Odissi sarees woven by the best weavers of the area
  • Kalamandir Royal – A one-stop shop in Orissa for all kinds of fashion apparel and great sarees



  • Mayuri Silk Palace – Authentic Assam silk sarees in beautiful designs
  • The Silkalay – Great collection of traditional Assam sarees with a trendy twist
  • Kalpatru – A government supported initiative with authentic Assam handloom sarees



  • PSR Silks – The go-to place in Coimbatore for superb collection of cotton and silk sarees and fabric
  • Pothy's – The most popular shop for a family shopping experience with a wide-range of saree collections
  • Sridevi Textile – Unique silk sarees and a complete collection of all kinds of sarees



  • Madhu Shree Sarees – Designer silk sarees with hand-embroidered and hand-printed designs
  • Arihant sarees – One of the biggest shops in Udaipur for sarees and ethnic clothing
  • Jasvi Collection – Amazing collection of designer sarees with typical Rajasthani work



  • Kishori Sarees – Superb collection of festive ethnic wear made by authentic craftsmen
  • Vasansi – A well-known boutique in Jaipur that houses some of the most attractive sarees and lehengas



  • Poshak Bazaar – Uniquely crafted designer sarees and ethnic wear
  • Meenu Saree Centre – Very attractive festive sarees with a reasonable price tag



Balaji Saree Kendra – Beautiful, high-quality sarees available in a wide-range of designs



My Spun Gold – The best of handloom sarees curated from the best weavers of the country



  • PS Silk sarees – Traditional Kanchipuram silk sarees with high-quality
  • Prakash Silk Sarees – A renowned fashion house that has a beautiful collection of silk sarees
  • Pachaiyappas – A small-scale fabric shop that has grown into one of the most authentic saree shops in Kanchipuram




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