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Article: Draping Styles (The non-judgemental sari)

Draping  Styles (The non-judgemental sari) - suta

Draping Styles (The non-judgemental sari)

The sari is Draupadi's unending fabric of time. It is the past with a possibility for the future. What was there? What is happening? What will be? Eternal questions play on the senses as the sari unwinds...

Today, most of us women stand here - incorrigibly pro-comfort who yearns to be fashionable but only so much. We do admire style though. While we are constantly struggling between donning a new identity and retaining our old one, a sari is a statement of being home with yourself in a new place. So when someone says, 'Holy cow! You're wearing a sari', I tell them that I'm most comfortable in a sari, which is no guarantee by the way that I will not trip while walking or that I will not constantly pull at my drawstring or that I will not fumble with my pallu. We all have our own ways of dealing with change, sari is my way of making a new place, a new city or a new country, my new home. A sari is my way of saying that I will navigate and adopt a new culture at a pace that I feel comfortable about.

In a judgmental society of ours, we like our clothing non-judgmental and a sari totally understands! Even when we fail to drape it perfectly or don't follow the "rules" about the right way to drape it, it is accommodating and forgiving in nature and just lets us be. There are distinct points of anchorage and free play in each wearing style which provide comfort, functionality and a basic flowing grace. Its great beauty lies in its concept of a simple outward form lending itself to a completely personalized interpretation. Unlike our social structures, the sari has never been held back by rigid controls. Phew!

Fair. Dark. Tall. Short. Skinny. Chubby. The list of labels is endless, but the endurance of a sari timeless. Let's come together, hold hands and break down walls of these labels and instead build up walls of self-confidence, acceptance and loving grace. Here we shall present to you some of our wonderful women (Sutaqueens) who have portrayed some classy, sassy and fun ways of doing so. I'm drooling…!!!



The pallu wrapped around the neck and tied with a belt at the waist not only allows ease and comfort of movement but also gives out a very stylish look! The second image though differently worn is more of a traditional way of draping a saree which I’m pretty sure some regions do follow. Overall, I’m amazed by the beautifully arranged pleats in the mirror reflection. I mean, who wouldn’t be? 






A plain simple mulcotton saree draped in a purely conventional way and accessorized with a ubercool and funky jacket instantly renders a sporty casual look to the attire. To add to the zing is a traditional maangtika worn with a rockstar attitude – I’m floored!




A puffed full-sleeved crop top paired with black boots – this image screams elegance paired with hidden fun quotient of the wearer! One of the many flavours of wearing a saree is the unlimited possibilities of exploring every style that you’d want to… Super pretty





Aaaah the twists and twirls are finally here! Introducing an utterly sexy way of draping a saree, revealing a part of your waist while keeping most of it for the beholder’s imagination!! Bold and beautiful – a deadly combination indeed J





Who doesn’t love denims?! I know I do! On a cold Winter evening or a bright Summer afternoon, it’s an all-time favourite. With a saree? Who says you can’t! It shows I’m cool and fun to be with but also conveys an underlying message of subdued fieriness. Totally rocking the style!





A belt, oh yes, never goes out of style, as we witness the fascinating evolution of women’s fashion over the decades.





This off-shoulder bell-sleeved polka dots top is pure love, enhanced the beauty of the white saree. I love monochrome – Black & White brings out the intensity of the subject best. The lack of colour and the mix of all colours seems to be more alluring than a plethora of rainbow colours, thereby creating a strange dreamscape that no colour ever can! It shows strength and confidence with a slight bit of drama J The contrasting bow pin is a nice touch!




Fluffy sleeves and a dhoti style saree, I see funky and quirky and of course super comfy! In love.





The tie-up around the neck is becoming a trend for sure! Saves a lot of trouble managing the pallu and looks stylish too!




Once again, a cool belt never goes out of style! And the sari becomes instantly more manageable for those of us who love to or have to run around at work in a comfortable saree




Our quirky engineer girl sure brings a lot of innovative ideas to the plain mulcottons. Cannot get over this vibrant look. Worn like a skirt and accessorized with minimal jewellery. What a stunner!





Gone are the days when we would fuss over stitching a matching blouse or buying a readymade one that looks like a piece of the saree itself. Even crop tops have become too common. So why not dress with a normal top or perhaps a short kurti. Fully clad from top to toe and yet so subtly and magically sexy. 





Who knew the exact same coloured sweater like knitted top would still bring out the beauty of the saree so vividly? Well, now you know how tasteful it appears when styled appropriately J The pallu has been beautifully arranged in front instead of the back. Sheer beauty, isn’t it?




The medley of so many beautiful colours is breath-taking, especially when topped with a brown leather jacket. Spring is here!




This picture demands a lot of unspoken attention. The top wear with a collar necklace and the pallu brought reversely in front is so chic. I’m in awe! 




Wrapped the pallu to the front by twisting it around the neck. The age-old handloom just kicked up a notch among the more modern generation of women. Looks gorgeous as ever!





For mothers of newly born babies convenience of their attire matters the most. But that definitely doesn’t mean you’ve to give up on the perfect amount of style ladies! How cool does the saree look worn like a shrug along with trousers? It’s hassle-free and extremely convenient




Worn like an off-shoulder dress, this is the boldest and fiercest look in a saree ever!!! Exquisite and vivacious





A conventional saree draped with an unconventional blouse. She looks straight out of a Tagore’s novel 




A heavily printed top with a plain variedly coloured saree, yes it’s a beauty from every angle 



Pallu brought back to the front, tied with a waist belt – simple and elegant! Enough said 





Jacket and boots with ‘I-am-cool-until-you-mess-with-me’ attitude. Love it! 






Worn underneath a long kurta – that’s something new! Speaks volumes of the personality who can carry this with nothing but extreme grace. 


 The pallu taken from the back and wrapped around the front like a shawl. Very pretty!






White-collared shirt and sneakers! OMG, this is the best of both worlds kinda combination. I am so gonna try this one. Wouldn’t you? 



Around the neck, with a broad belt – again, the most popular style undoubtedly  




Loosely draped pallu paired with a white shirt and a statement necklace. Pure magic!




A knot near the shoulder with a cold-shoulder top is a combination a lot of us would die for! 




An oversized checked shirt, partially tucked in at the waist and of course sneakers complete this casual and sporty look! Isn’t this a must-try? J




While I was obsessing over white shirt and saree combo I stumbled upon this one! Beautifully spiralled over the neck, worn with a simple tee and a nice pair of shoes. Love the Indo-western look. 




Spun around the neck paired with a cool blue denim top that complements the saree colour.





While some of us fuss about the pleats being right, this wonder-woman gives no damn, as she goes on to pull the pallu straight up from the waist, paired with a pure white t-shirt. A yogini in the true sense, might I say! Confidence is a must-have to carry this look. 



 From afar this looks like a perfectly mixed and matched ghagra choli, doesn’t it? Once again, the pallu has been draped beautifully from backwards to the front.




Sometimes when it’s too hot outside we used to tie the dupatta around the neck and preferred keeping the length short instead of letting it flow casually all over our arms. So why not apply the same with a saree but not just when it’s hot but to make you look hotter as well? 




And, my favourite shirt-style white blouse is back! Need I say more? I think not. J





The coyishness is oh so cute! Pallu around the neck, only this time paired with black instead of white. 




Oh boy, isn’t this the most new-fangled and unique style that you’ve come across in a while? Twinning and winning just became ultra fashionable as these girls don these sarees in shorts.





Lal paar shada shari of Bengal in USA! I’ll be a little biased here and say this boldly – Bengali girls are quite known for their intellectual and witty charm and this picture is proof. So is the traditional Bengali style of saree draping. Whatta lovely image… I am nostalgia-struck!! JJ






Worn with a printed tee like a dhoti…aaah I can already feel your comfort lady! Bold is beautiful J






‘Seedha Palla’ like the wearer herself describes it – ruched the shoulder and got one corner of the pallu forward so that the tasselled border falls in an asymmetric manner, feels like a Greek drape with an Obi belted cue to Japan and earthily desi block-printed top! We couldn’t agree more J





Once again the pallu in front tied at the waist with a gorgeous long shrug! Amazing right



A bonus is well-deserved if you’ve read through all our styles! And what could be a better surprise than our very own SuTa queens aka Su (Sujata) and Ta (Taniya) in their very authentic, very classy avatars? Creativity is contagious, it’s true, but staying true to traditional old-fashioned ways in a world of ever-changing trends with a twist of your own, now that’s courageous. Here’s our evergreen conventional saree draping style, lest the world forgets!!!







Any time women come together with a collective intention, it's a powerful feeling. Whether it's sitting down making a quilt, in a kitchen preparing a meal, in a club reading the same book, or around the table playing cards, or planning a birthday party, when women come together with a collective intention, magic happens! When countless threads combined to be weaved into one piece of clothing, a sari (or saree) came into existence. When countless women started weaving them, a movement a #100sareepact began. I've always been a believer. I believe in dreams and those who dare to dream.


~When you dream alone, it's just a dream. When you dream together, it becomes a reality.~

Fortuitously, the past 2-3 years has seen a revival of saris. Saris are being celebrated again as part and parcel of even the new, globalized India that is not embarrassed anymore about its traditions while embracing modernity. Couldn't have been prouder and happier being a part of this transformation. Our goal is to become a part of the phenomenon of reintroducing handloom to this new and changing nation, making the women of India - no wait, of the world - fall in love with saris and seeing their own reflection in new light, breaking the stereotyped notion of where when how to wear saris. All you beautiful, wonderful, powerful, strong, courageous and amazing women who relentlessly dream and work hard towards achieving this goal, in every small or big way, have my heart and respect! :)

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