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Article: Weaving the thread of sustainability

Weaving the thread of sustainability - suta

Weaving the thread of sustainability

Sustainability is a term we often hear in today’s day and age. Especially when it comes to fashion, sustainability is even more important because this industry has been identified as a major polluter world-wide. At Suta, sustainability is a very crucial focus for us. We have incorporated aspects of sustainability right from the beginning and have kept going. Of course, there have been difficulties
and practical challenges that we have faced on this front but we are constantly manoeuvring around our challenges to ensure sustainability always scores high.
Even for people, living a sustainable life is not something that can be easily done. Tough choices are required and dealing with challenges can become mandatory. We believe that by sharing our sustainability journey we can bring together others who are on this journey and inspire them to tell their stories too. When we come together as a community, we can support each other and make the
process easier for each other. So here goes -

Sustainability in production:
Weavers are the lifelines of our products. We started off with a few weavers and today we have hundreds of them in our team. These weavers practice methods that have been carried on for generations and the weaving processes are intrinsically sustainable. Although we have helped the weavers increase their productivity with a few mechanical tools, the production of our products still
largely remain sustainable with the traditional practices of these weavers.
Ethical production is also a very integral part of sustainability and we ensure that every single product of Suta is ethically made and the weavers and staff are compensated fairly for their work. We also take up the responsibility of ensuring that they have a steady stream of work and thus a steady income.
Read more: https://suta.in/pages/our-story

Sustainable collections:

Many of our collections are completely eco-friendly and our Khesh collection of sarees is a step above. The practice of Khesh weaving is done by using existing sarees that have not been sold or are excess in production to weave brand new sarees. It is a traditional practice and the various steps of crafting a Khesh saree can be read in https://suta.in/blogs/blogs/mul-khesh-my-creator-weavers-must-be-treated-with-god-like. Our best-sellers, the made-in-heaven muls, are made of completely natural fibres and are one of the strongest identities of Suta.  We also have the modal and made-in-heaven mul blends where the modal yarn is responsibly sourced from renewable resources. This is a journey that we are on and our quest to ensure sustainability while also growing bigger and better to include more and more weavers requires a very fragile balance to be maintained. As we work closely to maintain this balance, we urge every person out there to take sustainability into consideration in everything that they do. Because, we are all in this together and it is all our collective efforts that will bring about positive change.
Check the collection: https://suta.in/collections/khesh

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