Beet and Turnip


Rs. 3,200


It is said that beets and turnips are among the vegetables that take up very little of resources and yet provide maximum nutrition to other organisms that consume them. We are fed with ideas that making a mark in the world is important. Maybe it is, but it is not everything, isn’t it? Sometimes treading lightly is important in the world too. While leaving a giant footprint of legacy might be good for egos, simply finding the beauty of life without any fuss is wonderful for our spirits. How beautiful are all the fruits and vegetables that bloom to the fullest of vibrancy and depart after passing on the strength to other life-forms? Can we try to live with these principles?

This absolutely elegant maroon and beige cotton saree is a delight to drape!


Length:  6.5 meters ; Width: 47 inches

Blouse Piece: Yes

Note:  Su, the model is wearing a blouse from our in house collection

Fabric: Cotton

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